Wednesday, December 15, 2004


USB Madness: torture instruments and air purifiers

There are a lot of useful USB devices out there but I'd rather pass on the USB Eye Massager.

USB Eye Massager is the latest-designed  health care Product specially for the Person which long time use their eyes, Such as the Computer operator. The product could relax the stress of the Eyes. and make your whole body in the situation of the unstressing by the product vibration.

I use my eyes the whole day, thank you very much, and hope to do so for a long time to come. This thing looks just plain wicked and more like a torture instrument than something that makes me relax.

The guys at EC21 definitely has a lot of fantasy:

USB Plug In Piezo-Ionizer For Computer designing specially for Computer Operator. It could substantially prevent the inhalation of toxic particles such as smoke, dust, dangerous particles in office. At same time irritating the function of blood-Creation, improving the immunity, relaxing your pressure when you long time inhale the negative ions.

Via [i4u]


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