Friday, December 9, 2005


$5.95 for a two page e-book on!

I was researching material for a post on SCOTTEVEST when I came across this this SCOTTEVEST related product on

Worth a look: cyberwear.(SCOTTeVEST Covert Jacket for travelers) : An article from: Security Management [HTML]
by Peter Piazza

List Price:   $5.95 
Price:   $5.95 

Availability: Available for download now. Ships from and sold by See more on holiday shipping.
Edition: e-doc (a web browser)

Product Details

Format: HTML
Printable: Yes
Mac OS Compatible: Yes
Windows Compatible: Yes
Handheld Compatible: Yes
Digital: 2 pages
Publisher: Thomson Gale; ISBN: B000BQJLTE; (October 1, 2005) Sales Rank:
Today: None
Yesterday: None
Required Free Software: Any web browser

Come again? $5.95 for a 2 page ebook in html format? For, what looks like, a 538 word product review???

I admit there are less words in my post on the latest  SeV 4.0 jackets, but at least it's free :-)

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