Monday, October 16, 2006


1 in 3 Italian parlamentaries are on drugs

I have long suspected this, but now it is official. One in three members of the Italian parliament use drugs:

ROME, Oct. 12, 2006 — Imagine if 15 American congressmen tested positive for using cocaine.
Then another dozen were found to have smoked hash. And then imagine that the evidence came from an experiment by a television show.
Well, it's happened in Italy after a popular TV program that specializes in satire took it to another level.
No strangers to scandal, or backlash, the nation's honorable members of parliament are front-page news again. This time, over drug use and abuse.
The results indicated that of the 50 tested, close to a third had indulged within the previous 36 hours — four tested positive for cocaine, 12 for marijuana.

Commies on drugs, where will this end…

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