Wednesday, February 9, 2005


Citizens for Clean Air: No more chicken shit!

Chicken Manure Stench Holds Town Hostage:

FRENCHVILLE, Maine - Northern winds have been sending a stench of manure from across the Canadian border, the people in this St. John Valley town are tired of holding their noses. "It smells like acid or sulfur, and it's really strong. The last couple of weeks have been really bad," Frenchville Town Manager Philip Levesque said. "It's an international problem."


Percy Thibeault, a resident of the area most affected by the smells, said a committee called Citizens for Clean Air has been formed to deal with the odor.  ... "It's affected our quality of life," Thibeault said. "We can't have barbecues, can't open windows and doors because of the smell. It's a nuisance."

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