Saturday, April 2, 2005


ActivePDF lost the battle against SPAM

What can I say; I was impressed when the CEO of ActivePDF, Tim Sullivan, replied to the ActivePDF SPAM charges with this comment:

I personally will investigate why your email has been used in such a manner. activePDF does not, nor has it ever, "sold" email addresses to 3rd parties

I decided to take the post offline until ActivePDF had a chance to investigate the SPAM. I got another mail from ActivePDF a week later asking me to hide the post for a while longer so I told them I would hide it for another week.

2 weeks later after the first post I am back to square one: I gave my e-mail address to Active PDF and now someone else has it. If they sold it for profit or gave it away for free does not really matter. All I know is that I, or my clients, will never use their services again.

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  1. Dear Sir,

    Pursuant to our investigation, we received the following from ZiffDavis, the company you received the SPAM from :

    (individual names blocked out)

    "XXXXXXXXXXXXXX has confirmed that in the process of transferring ownership of all former Connexus Media Inc. subscriber records from E-NewlsetterPro (ENLP: the newsletter delivery system used to fulfill e-newsletter subscriptions) to ZDI, our developers exported all subscriber records, forgetting to omit/suppress activePDF records that were hosted within the ENLP database for the purposes of fulfilling a co-written activePDF newsletter targeting their clients & prospects.

    Like XXXXXXXXXXXXXX, we too take this matter very seriously and have since (on 3/25/05) sent the complete activePDF file to XXXXXXXXXX and XXXXXXXXXX with strict instructions to remove these records from all Ziff Davis Media marketing files and also have them added to Ziff Davis Media’s global opt-out/suppression file in order to avoid all future communication from Ziff Davis to these activePDF records. It is understood that the activePDF records are not the property of Ziff Davis Media and were never intended to be included in the original transfer from Connexus Media to Ziff Davis Media."

    As such, we would appreciate your removing this entry from your BLOG . Thank you.

    Tim Sullivan


    activePDF, Inc.