Monday, April 18, 2005


Gresini is upset again

The sore looser after the MotoGP race in Jerez is not Gibernau but Fausto Gresini.  Last year in Qatar he filed an official complaint against Valentino Rossi because someone was trying to clean the sandy track of his start plate with a scooter. This time he is upset that Gibernau lost the first race of the season in Jerez.

That Sete was upset just after the race is understandable. Valentino Rossi found a space that wasn't really there and the riders touched when Sete tried closed the door:
 (Valentino Rossi is on the left)



To make sure that bitter feelings do not escalate to more dangerous moves on the track, FIM President Francesco Zerbi send a private letter to MotoGP riders Valentino Rossi and Sete Gibernau. He made it clear that no rules were broken but stressing that the situation was at the limit.

Gibernau showed the letter to his boss, Fausto Gresini, like most employees would. Gresini fired on all cylinders and replied with an open letter to the press. Mr Zerbi didn't take the reply very well and replied with this flaming letter

Dear Mr Gresini,

I should not respond personally to your open letter given to the press, but through the intermediary of my lawyers; however, considering that I subscribe to the rules of courtesy and that I believe private life is a right that no-one can deny, I am not going to enter into a controversy – an easy one given the ridiculous arguments in your letter.
The only thing that I want to stress and which, as a man, mortifies me is that I am mistaken in my judgment of men. And that I say on an individual level far more than on an institutional level.

With much bitterness,

Francesco Zerbi
FIM President

NB: I am sending this letter to the press because your employee, by violating all principles of education, more so than of law, did not hesitate to betray the confidence that had been granted to him.

Wow! I guess that pretty much summarizes to: F**k you and your rider!

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