Thursday, October 27, 2005


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Not everything on the net is crap. Get your daily dose of anti-crap on the Good News Blog

Wednesday, October 26, 2005


When instant messaging becomes instant addiction

'Steven' sent 300 e-mails per day to his girlfriend (more than 1 mail every 2 minutes) and spent $8000 on SMS/text messaging in a year!!!

He was sending about 700 texts a week and resigned from his job after bosses found out he had sent 8,000 e-mails in one month.
"On any one day, he was sending about 300 e-mails to his girlfriend. He was texting her every day and probably spending £20 to £30 a week on texts."

Friday, October 21, 2005


Doom - the movie

Playing first person shooters is bad enough, but watching someone else run through a game at max speed makes me dizzy. I wonder how I will feel after watching Doom - the movie. Half of the movie is shot in first-person perspecitve! Check out the wild trailer.


Candy undies

Sweet and exciting gifts for a sweetheart:
Candy bra

Candy g-string

Thursday, October 20, 2005


It is a pleasure texting with TheToy

Text until you moan with The Toy

No reason to be jealous; the SMS must include a 6 character secret tag to turn on the gadget and your friend:

  • Wireless Bluetooth connection to your mobile phone 

  • Simple to use - power on, press play, you're ready

  • The Toy only responds to your lover's tagged messages

  • It only reacts when you choose to read the message

  • Each letter has a different effect

  • Virtually unlimited range of motions, speeds and times

  • Play all day from a single 4 hour charge

Which brings me to the Audio Oh. Not bluetooth, but sure to bring pleasure to iPOD lovers:

Both are lot more "enjoyable" than a whole range of other bluetooth and usb gadgets:

Via [Bordoni]


Mapo Elkann

Some background info on Lapo Elkann if you don't get it: Lapo Elkann has recently been in hospital, recovering from the effects of a “lethal cocktail” including cocaine, heroin and alcohol. The overdose was reported by a fifty-year-old transsexual called Patrizia:

Thanks Fabrizio

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Count again...

Clean your glasses, count the people, wait for them to change position and count again:

Thanks Fausto


Tooth Paintings

Is that a spider in your mouth?


At least the owner of this Tooth Painting has some taste: