Friday, February 24, 2006


6.5 billion humans and growing

Today, Saturday 25th of February 2006, we will reach 6.5 billion people living on this planet. Considering the problems we have with wars and other crap today, I don't want to think about what happens with even more of us...

BTW; have a nice weekend!

Thursday, February 23, 2006


Most crap analogy ever?

The worst of the worst analogies:

Her hair glistened in the rain like nose hair after a sneeze.
Chuck Smith, Woodbridge

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Torino 2006 - the first day of events

The Winter Olympics in Torino 2006 grows on me every day. Grows in me in the way that it is a big lump in my stomach that I want to throw up. The first day of the events were as bad as my "pre-Olympics" experience.

After a -lot- of hunting last year I found a hotel ~1 hour away from Pinerolo by car (1 1/2 by train).  Pinerolo is on the plains close to the alps and it is the starting point for the bus shuttles going up the valley. The pre-event marketing promised increased public transport, in particular trains, so I was hopeful naïve. I checked during Christmas but the train schedules were just as bad as ever, but I was hopeful stupid. The cross country events on Sunday 12/2 started at 10 in Pragelato. The official guide recommends arriving on the event 3 hours in advance but let's ignore that for the moment. You need a minimum of 1/2 hour for clearing security and 1-1 1/2 hours by shuttle bus from Pinerolo. In the best case you have to be in Pinerolo by 8 in the morning. A shame that the first trains from the area arrive at 9.26 because the first trains are cancelled on Sundays. Great planning.

Taking a train was out of the question, I went to the backup plan and decided to leave my car to my family during the Olympics. Or, at least that was my idea…

I arrived in Pinerolo on Saturday 11/2 around lunch time and went straight to the train station to get more information. There was no information available anywhere so I asked the guy in the ticket counter for more info about the shuttle but was met by the reply: tsk, I don't know anything about busses. Ask in the news agent.

I got the info I needed in the end but it is sad that 6 hours are wasted each days in transport and security controls :-(

The only cool thing I have seen so far: Segway has sponsored the police in the Torino Porta Nuova train station with a couple of Segways.


Monday 13th

Friday Monday 13th
I didn't get around to posting until today as I have been way too busy

Let's see. What can possibly go wrong on Friday Monday 13th:

  • Broken coffee machine. What a terrible way to start the day
  • The zipper in my jacket broke. Big deal? It is a big deal when it is below 0, all you have below the jacket is a suit and a thin shirt and you go to work by motorbike
  • A never ending, political, meeting at the end of a long day at work.
  • One of my kids got sick and vomited like kid in the Exorcist throughout the evening
  • A gas leak in front of the house. I have lived in Italy for close to a decade but I am still not used to gas and it scares the crap out of me when I smell it.

And several other events that I don't even want to think about, far less write about.

Monday, February 13, 2006


Smileys for describing people

The old smileys are not always enough to describe how people look:

There are cyber butts
(_!_)   a butt...
(__!__) a large butt...
(!)     a thin butt...
(_._)   a flat butt...
[_T_]   a square butt...
(_*_)   a farting butt...
(_o_)   a butt that "has seen many"...
(_O_)   a butt that has seen even more...
(_$_)   a valuable butt...
(_:_)   a strange butt...
(_@_)   a cyber butt
(_?_)   a mysterious but
(_#_)   a hurt butt
(__)    a closed butt
(_%_)   a butt with hemorrhoids

As well as cyber tits:
(o)(o)     perfects breasts...
( + )( + ) breasts with silicon implants...
(*)(*)     tits with high nipples..
(@)(@)     tits with big nipples...
(oYo)      "push-up" tits...
(^)(^)     frozen tits...
(:o)(o)    tits bitten by Dracula...
( - )( - ) tits squeezed against the walls of the shower...
()()       the tits of Kate Moss...
( o Y o )  tits on the Playboy centerfold

Thursday, February 9, 2006


Poop Trooper

Talk about being service oriented; Pooper Trooper does the dirty job nobody wants to do and cleans the garden from dog crap eh… biscuits.

The only problem is that I cannot get Pooper Trooper out of my head as it reminds me of the ABBA song Super Trooper. I close my eyes and I see the guy dancing around the garden collecting biscuits while singing Super Trooper in falsetto. Help me!

Saturday, February 4, 2006


Toilet paper for mother in law

and other unwelcome guests...

Friday, February 3, 2006


Swiss PUBLIC toilets

A very public swiss toilet.

The view from outside:

The view from inside:

Thanks for the tip Marco