Thursday, September 22, 2005


Telecom Italia wants (all) your money

Telecom Italia recently launched the 892 892 service; the "number that gives numbers". It allows you to find persons and companies

The advertisement, in particular the jingle, drives me nuts. To make matters worse the costs of the service can make anyone bankrupt. You pay a 0.12 euro token as well as 0.03 euro per second. A short call of three minutes with the cheapest rate costs 0.12 + (0.03 x 180) = 5.52 euro.

The latest service, 1254,  allows you to find the telephone number of persons, companies, international numbers etc

The costs are slightly better than 892 892 as you only pay 0.36 euro for the token and 1.56 euro per minute. So you only pay 0.36 + (1.56 * 4) = 5.04 for 3 minutes.

The worst news of them all? Telecom Italia is raising the rates for ADSL companies that offer contracts without Telecom Italia as the voice provider.

That's living in Italy for you. 20 euros a month for a ADSL subscription. 40 if you want a static IP :-(

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