Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Gator or Claria; a spyware by another name is just the same

Gator was one of the worst pests until it changed the name to Claria and managed to disappear from the limelight. What changed apart from the name? Little or nothing. They still track&spy on what the users do and send it to a central location. With careful wording in the EULAs they have convinced the lawyers that they should be declassified from spyware to adware. Who cares about the name? Crap by any other name is just the same! The deals and money involved are worthy of a Grisham novel.

The worst part is that Gator Claria is no longer identified by antispyware due to the deals they have made.

More background info on Gator/Claria and its spyware in Wired

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