Friday, January 7, 2005


New 'Shark Tank' mail delivery format

I have subscribed to Shark Tank for many years. They used to send the whole Shark Tank for the day in a single plain text e-mail. Just perfect for someone who reads mail on the Pocket PC.

Then, in mid December, they changed and started sending only the intro part of the message with a link to the full contents on the web server. I contacted them via the feedback mail alias ( and they explained that the have moved to a web delivery for cost reasons. Probably surely because they earn more money on the web ads than the plain text ads in mail messages.

I got a great Christmas gift though. For a few days during Christmas when they started sending the full Shark Tank again. Then I put my foot in it big time and send this mail..

I was -very- happy to receive the full message of today's Shark Tank!
I do hope you will continue to deliver the whole Shark Tank next year as well as I frequently read mails on my Pocket PC which does not have the IE 6 features you describe.

24 hour later they thanked me for the feedback and fixed the "technical glitch" so I was back to the castrated version again! I hope you have more luck telling them what you think about the new Shark Tank format I did.

I have unsubscribed from the news letter and tried the Shark Tank RSS feed but it shows even less than the mail. I'll get my daily dose of fun from Dilbert and Monty from now on.


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