Monday, January 10, 2005


Violently sick or possessed?

I never understood what violently sick meant until this weekend. I never asked to learn find out in the first place but after this weekend I know. Just one of life's little lessons I guess.

If you have just eat, or plan to eat in the foreseeable future I guess it's better to move on to the next post as it get's nasty. No pictures but if you see pictures n your mind when reading Stephen King novels or easily get offended I guess you'd better stop.

I don't mind being sick enough to throw up. I was frequently car sick when I was a kid and it never bothered me. If I was lucky enough to eat a chocolate, I would wipe of the chocolate and continue eating like the happy kid I was. But this weekend was a different story, I was about to learn what violently sick meant.

On Saturday afternoon I started feeling "funny" while working on the latest DIY project with my brother in law (a new bathroom in the cellar). It was not finished yet so I decided to end of the day and head for the bed in the mid afternoon. Didn’t last more than 30 minutes before I had to get up and pray to the porcelain God

And pray I did, with all my heart (and then some). Normally throwing up ends with some yucky stuff coming up and that's it. A sip of water and I can head of to bed and sleep a for couple of days until it all wears of. But this time I almost blacked out while puking my guts out. Literally.  I don't know for sure, but I guess it was the stomach acids making my throat hurt for the rest of the evening. I tried a tiny sip of water. It lasted a couple of minutes before I was back at the altar confessing my sins. At times I had a hard time choosing which end of the body to pray with. Roberto Benigni can explain the other end of the story (MP3) a lot better than me.

Slightly better today but still a spaced enough to have a one tracked mind: crap and crapability..

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