Friday, November 12, 2004


Enrico Mentana fired

Enrico Mentana was 'let go' as the director and anchor of TG5 yesterday after 13 years of service. I missed the announcement yesterday as I went to see the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

TG5 has become my favorite Italian news program. Mentana has built a great news team. TG5 is doing better than ever so the news came as a shock to everyone. Today's presenter is usually smiling and happy, but I have never seen her as sad as today. The employees are pissed off and it looks like they'll strike as well. Way to go: finally Italian employees striking for something that makes sense!

Mediaset has chosen Carlo Rosella, currently director of the magazine Panorama, to replace Mentana. Why replace Mentana in the first place? The official explanation: To better use Mentana's potential by making him "editorial director" in Mediaset. Sounds like bullshit to me.

I believe more in Repubblica's version :

It's bad news for the Italian media, which was already in a sorry state….Enrico Mentana wasn't servile enough for the bosses.

The Italian Prime Minister's office version of the facts is pretty different from the Reuters version 

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