Friday, November 11, 2005



Scarmageddon: people posting pictures of their worst scars. Do NOT check out the Top 10 scars if you have been eating (or plan to eat in the near future). You can even filter the pictures by category; "Still bleeding", " Open wound", "Stitched wound" etc.

I was going to post a picture but decided against it. I'll leave you with the description of one of the top 10 pictures instead:

I went off a downhill jump going pretty fast. Enough time in the air for me to see my wheel fall off and think "oh sh*t". I woke up about 15 feet from where I had taken off in a patch of rocks the size of my fist and couldn't see from the blood in my eyes. I regained a little consciousness and dragged myself myself out of the woods where two guys saw me and used my cell phone to call someone. What you can't see from the pics are the 70 or so stitches on the inside my mouth and three broken teeth. I been hurt a bunch of times, but seeing my own skull through the gaping wound on my temple was the single sickest thing I've seen.

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