Friday, October 22, 2004


Smart SUV?


The whole point about the Smart, is that it is a smart city car, not a huge gas guzzling monster. The SUVs are, sadly, trendy in Milano as well. They break my balls in a major way as they pollute, take loads of space and make it difficult to drive by motorcycle.

The Smart is tiny and cute and great for going around in a crowded city like Milano. More importantly: you can find a parking without driving for hours. Giving it the 'American treatment' and making a SUV is  pretty lame. But, if SUVs turn you on, please get a Smart SUV instead of a huge Hummer

Long live the Smart for 2 and the C1 (Smart for 1 :-)

More on the Smart SUV:

The great idea of SUV bans in city centers:


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