Friday, September 3, 2004



From ShitBegone, the only toiletpaper with its own blog I know about

ShitBegone is the American dream. A young man from Wisconsin made his way to New York City, the Big Apple. There he set out to forge his own future, making his name in the world of toilet paper. ShitBegone is a journey of discovery, an assertion of responsibility, and an expression of joy. It is the embrace of life. It expresses dedication and hope for a better world, for each individual and for all humanity

The page goes on to cover the finer points of wiping:

Some people crumple them, but the better way is to fold them. When you crumple toilet paper, just like if you crumpled a piece of writing paper, it gets sharp edges and corners. Paper feels smoothest when it is flat

Surprised to see that it doesn't mention the international aspects of toilet paper. A friend of mine works for one the largest toilet paper producers in the world. Over dinner (!) he elaborated on the different toilet paper preferences in different countries; soft versus rougher and textured version for better grip.

Via [Cool Tools]

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