Tuesday, September 7, 2004


Crap PC case design!

Ok, I admit it: my 'server' is running the cheapest hardware I could find that gives me the performance I need. I can understand saving money on some high performance design details but the PC case?

I really want to me the guy who designed the PC case of my server. It looked OK enough when I installed the parts but I discovered a major flaw last night when the PC went down hard enough to refuse booting again (which explains why this post is 24h late). I opened the case and started poking around, looking for possible problems when I touched the cause ...

The house still smells burned flesh! I made the mistake of touching the 2 hard disks I have mounted in the 3 1/2 inch bay. (2 HD + 1 floppy) After tending to my hand I had a look at the disks again and discovered that they hard disks are mounted so close to each other that they touch. No air circulation between them at all. That explains why I started having bad sectors earlier this month when I did a major defrag on both disks. They heated up and I got a major hard disk thermal problems on my hands.

Prime PC Case designer: Please bend over and accept two hot hard disk in the rear slot

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