Friday, September 10, 2004


On the Crap & Crapability bookshelf: Red Rabbit (Tom Clancy)

What I want to know is; who the heck wrote this book?

The book covers the early CIA days of Jack Ryan and takes place been the Patriot Games and The Hunt for Red October books. The plot is very much Tom Clancy like but it looks to me like he wrote a 15 page summary that was given to a copy writer. The human aspect of the book is not bad but it is very weak in the area that has been the strength of Tom Clancy in the past: technical detail. Several of the characters also behave differently compared to the other books: Greer for example constantly repeats: 'this guy will go far'.

What's the story? Is Tom Clancy getting old or does he need some quick cash to pay his ex. I managed to finish the book but I'm glad I bought it used on eBay.


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