Saturday, September 11, 2004


Crap & Crapability on the road in Italy

There are times I wish StarBucks caught on in Italy as well. Not for the coffee though as nothing beats a real Italian cappuccino!

No, I wish I could find a StarBucks in Italy as well so I could get WiFi access for a decent price 'anywhere'. Seriously: who in their right mind (that pay their own phone bill) spends 6 euro for 1mb of traffic? And that is with my mobile carrier! The costs just skyrockets if you try to use GPRS in roaming.

All this to say that there will be no posts for a week or so unless I find cheap WiFi or an internet cafe.

Maybe I should do some WiFi war driving using Mini Stumbler instead:-? Not sure what the Italian laws is on this. Hope I don't get a prolonged vacation paid for by the Italian state...


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