Monday, September 27, 2004


Crap: back at work

My goodness, what a start:

  • I have a several thousand mails to catch up with at work (OWA does a -lousy- job at filtering spam)
  • The Exchange mailbox is full so I can't send mail before I delete some
  • The company I currently work for, IrisCube, has merged with been bought by another company, Reply.  This weekend Reply migrated my mailbox created an empty mailbox and pointed the domain at the new server
  • To save money they created a SSL certificate using an internal Certification Authority. This certificate is of course not trusted by Internet Explorer so I get a warning every time I to read mail with OWA. Even worse: ActiveSync on my Pocket PC doesn't like the certificate either so I can't sync via GPRS at all
  • One of the really cool features with Exchange 2003 and Outlook 2003; HTTP sync, is broken (problems on the Reply server)

The final issue that pissed me off enough to post: both mailboxes will be active so I receive some mail on the old server and some on the new.


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